IMPORTANT: Automatic Forwarding of Email to External Recipients Is Being Disabled

IMPORTANT: Automatic Forwarding of Email to External Recipients Is Being Disabled

by Sarah Dean -
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Hello all,

I wanted to make sure you saw this important email from the OLLU IT department, indicating that if you currently have your OLLU email set to forward to your personal email, that forwarding will end tomorrow:

Historically, OLLU has not blocked the use of email settings that auto-forward email messages to recipients at other external email domains (for example, recipient email addresses that end in, etc.). However, this practice is often leveraged by malicious attackers after they have compromised a user’s account to obtain ongoing access to the confidential data of students and/or employees.

Therefore, effective Thursday, August 1st, auto-forwarding of email messages by students, faculty or staff outside of the OLLU email system will be disabled, with limited exceptions for valid business purposes. Current exceptions include recipient email addresses ending in or

IMPORTANT: this change will not impact manual forwarding of emails to external domains. Manually-forwarded emails will function as they have in the past. It also does not affect any email coming in to OLLU email accounts from external senders or auto-forwarding email settings that only forward to internal OLLU email addresses.

What This Means for You

If you do not presently auto-forward your OLLU email to external recipients, this change will not impact you. However, if you have set up your OLLU email account to auto-forward emails to external recipients, those auto-forwarded messages will now be blocked. 

 Supported OLLU Email Access Methods

OLLU ITS supports secure access to OLLU email via the following methods:

  • Browser-based access using current versions of Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Edge
  • Client-based access using current versions of the Microsoft desktop or mobile Outlook clients

 All other methods of accessing OLLU email (including IMAP, POP, SMTP, native Android or iOS mail clients, third-party mobile mail apps, etc.) are not supported.

How to Get Additional Help and Information

If you would like additional information about accessing or managing your OLLU email, please contact the OLLU ITS Helpdesk at or (210) 431-3908.


 The OLLU Information Technology Services team is working hard to provide robust and reliable technology services to the campus community. We strive to meet or exceed the expectations of the students, faculty and staff that we serve, and we welcome your feedback on this guidance or any aspect of our services. Please send your feedback to