Summer B reminder

by Monica Jones -

Summer B classes start tomorrow Saturday, June 25. Please access and participate in your course this weekend!

If you have trouble viewing your courses(s) in Engage, please click on 'View all Courses' or click on 'My Profile' to view your Dashboard.

As a reminder, you can contact the Engage Help Desk for any Engage related issues at:

844-306-1792 or

Thank you.

OLLU Student Services

Summer B start 6/25

by Monica Jones -


This Friday is the last day of Summer A term and  SUMMER B classes start this Saturday June 25. Classes are uploaded into Engage the Wednesday evening prior to each term start date. If you do not see your course in Engage by this Friday- please let your SSC know right away. 

As a reminder, students who earn a D or F or have more than 2 C's cannot move into their next course.

 Please check your OLLU student email (Outlook) regularly for any important reminders or for any emails about grades.

All required course material can be found at the OLLU Bookstore website:

Thank you and best of luck as you continue your educational journey!

SSC team

MSW and MBA Withdrawal deadline is this Friday 6/10

by Monica Jones -

MSW and MBA students:

Please be advised that the last day to request a Withdrawal from Summer A courses is this Friday June 10, 2022.

If you are considering Withdrawing from your class, please reach out to your Student Services Coordinator and FA counselor. Withdrawals do not affect your GPA but may affect your Financial Aid, and you may need to pay back any funds that were disbursed.

*All Withdrawal requests must be emailed with a statement acknowledging that you are financially responsible for the class, along with the course name and number of the course you are requesting to Withdraw from.  You must email this to your SSC by 6/10/22.  

Thank you,
OLLU Student Service

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