Know your Student ID

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This is a reminder that students MUST include their STUDENT ID in all correspondences. This includes emails, phone calls and voicemails. If you don't have your ID# memorized, please have it handy when communicating with school staff, administration and your Student Advisor. 

Thank you. 



Spring B Withdrawal Deadline

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The last day to request a Withdrawal from Spring B courses is this Friday April 12, 2024.

Please note that earning a 'W' will not affect your GPA, but you will be financially responsible for the class. Please be advised that earning a 'W' may affect your Financial Aid and you may need to back pay any funds that were disbursed. 

Please contact your FA counselor if you have questions about your financial aid.

*All Withdrawal requests must be emailed to your SSC and must include the course name and number of the course you are Withdrawing from, PLUS a statement acknowledging that you understand you are financially responsible for the class.

You must email this request to by 4/12/24. 

Thank you.

OLLU Student Services

Summer and Fall Registration

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Registration for Summer and Fall 2024 classes opens this week. Please be advised that your Student Advisor will automatically register you for your next classes according to your degree progression. Students will first be registered for Summer courses then Fall.

You will receive a confirmation email after you are registered. Please be patient as this may take a few weeks. 

Once you are you registered, you will be able to view and pay for your classes in the Student Portal. 

Summer A term starts: May 11, 2024

You can find the Academic calendar HERE

MSW and MBA students are on the “Fast Track” session. Fast Track sessions have A and B terms. Each term is 7 weeks. MAC students follow the 14-week National Online session.

Thank you~ OLLU Student Services

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