Action for Happiness Group

Action for Happiness Group

by Monica Jones -
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Students are invited to join our own Mo Cuevas, PhD, LCSW, a professor at the Worden School of Social Service and Shaun Telepak, a recent MSW graduate who works at the Purple Couch in San Antonio as they host: 

10 Keys to Happier Living Group in your area

They be hosting 90-minute sessions online once a month for people to get together, explore the 10 Keys (life lessons from the science of happiness) and support each other in putting them into action.If you might be interested in joining us at some point, sign up here so we can let you know when sessions are happening: 

Join your local group here

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Currently, the sessions are set up for:

JOYFUL JUNE Monday June 20 2022 4:00 PM

JUMP-BACK JULY Monday July 18 2022 4:00 PM


These are great sessions coming up each month in line with our popular action calendar, so sign up above to get involved.

If you’d like to see what takes place in a typical session watch this video to find out what it is all about:

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Thanks so much thinking about being part of the Action for Happiness community and please do invite friends if you think they’d enjoy it too.

Thank you!