Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted

Scholarship Applications Now Being Accepted

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Hello All, 
Great news: the School of Professional Services and the Worden School of Social Service are now accepting scholarship applications. 
Please see below for the list of scholarships. Attached you will find the application. To apply: please read the details of each scholarship, complete the application, and include a recommendation from a professor (they have all received nomination forms for this purpose). 
Please note the deadline to submit your application is Thursday, September 10th. These need to be submitted to your respective Department Chair/Directors. Announcements will be made by Friday, September 18th. 

Sarah and Kara

School of Professional Studies and Worden School of Social Service Scholarships

Sociology Scholarship


Scholarship Name:          Sr. Frances Woods Scholarship

Eligible Students:             Undergraduate students majoring in sociology



Social Work Scholarships


Scholarship Name:          The Siporin Worden School Scholarship

Eligible Students:             Undergraduate student majoring in social work

                                                Demonstrating high financial need

                                                Preference given to a single parent


Scholarship Name:          Carolyn & Santos Hernandez Scholarship

Eligible Students:             Undergraduate or graduate students majoring in social work

                                                Good academic standing

                                                Preference given to single parents or students overcoming

                                                significant obstacles


Scholarship Name:          Sr. Gentemann Scholarship

Eligible Students:             Undergraduate juniors/seniors and graduate students majoring in social work


Scholarship Name:          Carl Zimmer Memorial Scholarship

Eligible Students:             Graduate students in social work


Scholarship Name:          Sinkin Family Endowed Scholarship

Eligible Students:             human services field teachers/social workers


Scholarship Name:          Elizabeth Schaller Holland Memorial Scholarship
Eligible Students:             Graduate/Undergrad social work majors