OLLU Account Login Changes

OLLU Account Login Changes

by Monica Jones -
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OLLU Information Technology Services will be making some changes to the minimum login requirements for all OLLU account holders. These changes will require students to perform multifactor authentication on a more regular basis than has been typical in the past. The use of multifactor authentication helps protect OLLU accounts from being compromised by intruders. 

Some of the changes will begin today, Wednesday, September 7th. Other changes will happen about two weeks later. Account holders who have not adequately prepared for the upcoming changes may be locked out of their OLLU account after September 21st. 

For detailed information about the upcoming changes and how you should prepare for them, please click the link below.


How to Get Additional Help and Information

If you require further assistance, please contact the OLLU ITS Helpdesk at helpdesk@ollusa.edu or (210) 431-3908.