MSW STUDENTS - Updated/New Field Education Application

MSW STUDENTS - Updated/New Field Education Application

by Jessica Siewertsen -
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Dear MSW Students,

We have recently updated our MSW Field Education Application and moving forward, we will not accept any previous version.  All students, whether doing an employment based placement or not, will complete this application - the only exception will be students planning to complete their placement in San Antonio.  San Antonio based students will complete the San Antonio Field Education Application, also located in the Files Tab within the field groups in Engage.

The new applications are uploaded in the "Field Groups" pages located in Engage.  If you haven't joined the Field Groups in Engage yet, please do so today by following these directions:  

1. Go to the Community Tab

2. Go to Groups

3. Under "Find Groups", type in "Field"

4. You will see a few different field groups listed, please select the one that's most applicable to you (Foundation or Concentration) and then go into the "Files" tab where you will find the MSW Field Education Applications as well as several other important, field related documents.

Thanks so much for your understanding and adherence to this policy.  


The Field Education Team